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Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator


Publication design | Typography | Type Imagery

Dexter is not ill is a lyric book that I created based on the song "Frontier Psychiatrist" by The Avalanches. The task was to use the song lyrics as the primary content for the magazine, limit ourselves with a palette of 3 colours and use mostly the text and minimal additional graphics to convey the sense of the song.

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png mockup back.png

The song is themed in an old school 1960s/70s era, around a young boy- Dexter, who often gets in trouble with his peers and teachers. 

Building upon the original context, I instead imagined Dexter to be about a young transgender person in the initial stages of transitioning and finding their identity, who were being criticized and made to feel unaccepted due to who they are and how their identity doesn't align with the normative at their time.

The colour palette came together with influences from the old time schools and also in coherence with the added context of Dexter being queer. 

Through explorative typography and modifying text into imagery, I brought in the theme and the story of Dexter and creatively put together lyrics across each spread in sometimes literal sometimes metaphorical manner.

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