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Visualisation sheet_edited.jpg


Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Fresco


Illustration | Colour

A small design and concept on a fictional character called Kai.

kai final redesign cropped.png


Kai, a shy 19 year old, was quietly reading at the edge of the woods when a cold rush of air against her spine makes her shudder. She looks over her shoulders into the deep darkness behind her in the forest and her eyes widen as she notices a small glow of red light peeking, blinking, almost as if calling her to follow. 

She rises up and steps into the forest. Her heart thumbs in her chest as she walks towards the light, and she walks and walks and walks… because it seems to be getting away… and away and away and away. It glides along with grace and ease as she runs chases it. She almost stops to turn back and leave when she steps into fresher light and air. And there! she spots what she thinks must be the source of the red light. 

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